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as a brief explanation of photos posted and photos to come:
i just got back from a two week trip to Arizona to work with a group called No More Deaths as well as folks in Tucson working around border issues and the recent ethnic studies ban. my time with No More Deaths was spent camping in the Sonoran desert in order to give food, water, and medical aid to immigrants in order to alleviate death and suffering in that area (with the highest death count along the border every year). after spending 11 days in the desert, we traveled to Tucson to work with various organizations: La Migra Patrol Copwatch, Tierra Y Libertad Organization, Toltecalli High School, Derechos Humanos, as well as students from the TUSD. my thoughts and posts are kind of scattered as of now, but when i am able to fully process my experiences, i will share what i can in the most coherent manner possible.

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