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A flower in deep thought.  (at Taqueria La Coqueta)

A flower in deep thought. (at Taqueria La Coqueta)


Mi Música: Mexican American Music of Today

Selena gives a lesson in what she knew best: music

This video is a look back to a different time for Mexicans in the United States. One before the globalization of NAFTA that led to the displacement and migration of millions from Mexico, and before Latino marketing would invade our cultural domain. A lot has changed. But rather than reminisce we should have a discussion as a community on where we’re at today and how we got here.

How many times did Selena use a term other than Mexican or Mexican American in this video? Exactly. The time before globalization and consumerism will never return, but we could do better. Let’s start by having that discussion.

(via a-la-maquina)

I just finished helping my brother design and write his resume, coming in at about four hours total. Now if I actually knew what I was doing with this software.. 

Steven - Quick / Invitation Only 7-inch (1983)


Barrington Levy - Black Heart Man Dub - Barrington Levy in Dub: The Lost Mixes From King Tubby’s Studio (2005)

i used to get really high and listen to this album and it was amazing.