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I am currently editing my resume and preparing cover letters to apply for Summer internships. For some reason, I cannot write worth shit tonight. I wrote some emails to contacts as I am gathering up prospective references so my shit can look like the Z fighter squad and shit and I’m just like…drawing blanks. One of the emails awkwardly turned into an apology (?) I should probably just go to sleep and get return to this tomorrow, I’ve done too much homework today.

Anyway if all goes well, ya boy will be a UX or Software Engineer intern this summer.



Going to be in Oakland on September 26-28 (also at OMF). HMU, let’s chill!

Sunday 09.14.14


This morning I was leaving my neighborhood on my way to work and I noticed a little girl crossing the street on her bicycle followed by her father. I was at a four way stop and thought to myself: what a great moment to see a father so watchful over his daughter as they cross the street. His daughter so carefree and innocent riding her bike with flairs on the handle bars while her father is closely trailing her, steering her on the right path as she sways and pedals. I then looked at her father and noticed he was about my age, 24. I immediately began thinking about what it would be like if I had a child, and why having a child seems so far-fetched in my reality. I feel that I am way too young to have a child and, at the same time, almost getting to old to where I feel like I should “hurry up” because I’m not getting any younger.

Then, as I was driving away from the four way stop, I realized this man was one of my good friends from high school. Instantly a feeling of elation came over me knowing that my friend was not getting into trouble, not messing around, working hard, and spending time with his daughter and being such a great father. I wonder then if I would have the courage my friend has to have had a child at such a young age and be strong enough to realize and accept the responsibility that comes with nourishing a family. I wanted to cry. It almost seemed that everything I am worried about was so minuscule and selfish. I don’t dwell on that too much because I know that we all have our own paths and trials which we can choose to rise to or not, and we are both facing ours in unique ways. I wanted so badly to write him something at that moment letting him know how he had just effected me emotionally in a positive way. I wonder how many people have this effect on others and never know.

I felt a new love and respect for all my friends and other young folks who are responsibly caring for their children. Who have changed their life in an instant, sacrificing their own “fun” to give this child everything. It is beautiful. I see y’all.

k so here it is

k so here it is